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Don’t Subscribe: How to Make Viral Content

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In recent years, many careers have launched on YouTube, Twitter, Funny or Die, and Facebook. More and more agents, managers, studios, and producers are looking to social media outlets for the next unique voice. It is not unusual for writers to be plucked out of the faceless world of tweets and dropped into writers rooms, or for musicians to find their way from the YouTube stage into sold-out concert halls. Social media is the new vetting ground for writers, directors, animators, producers, comedians, performers, editor, etc. It is no wonder that so many industry newcomers are using social media to showcase their work. 

Sadly, most of these videos, podcasts, blogs, and tweets receive only a handful of views from the content creator’s own circle of friends. 

With so much competition, the question that plagues every person creating content for the web is this:

  • How do I set myself apart so that my content goes VIRAL?

To answer this question, we have asked one of the kings of viral himself to lead this industry workshop. Since 1997, everything Maddox has touched has quickly ascended to viral status. His books have become national bestsellers, his websites receive millions of visitors per month, his YouTube channel has more than 30 million views, and his podcast, which was launched only a few months ago, has soared to the top 1% with over 50,000 monthly downloads PER EPISODE. 

*** During this class, we will spend some time watching and analyzing videos. If you have a short video that you would like discussed in class, bring it with you. Maddox will gauge your video’s viral-ability and will provide valuable feedback on how to improve your chances of standing out on the web.*** 

By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Understand what it takes to create viral content, 
  • Be able to gauge the viral-ability of your content before it is launched, 
  • Learn about how and where to market your web content for maximum exposure, 
  • Understand how to create a compelling online persona and presence.

Who should attend this workshop: producers, directors, writers, actors, performers, and anyone who would like to create viral content

maddoxAbout the InstructorMaddox is a New York Times bestselling author of “The Alphabet of Manliness” and “Crappy Children’s Artwork.” He started his website, “The Best Page in the Universe,” in 1997 and has been written about in Time, Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times and NPR. Former computer programmer and mathematics major, Maddox has been writing for over 17 years. His debut book, “The Alphabet of Manliness,” hit #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list and in the top 5 New York Times bestseller list for over 8 weeks. He has since launched a YouTube channel with over 30 million views, and a successful podcast with over 50,000 weekly downloads. 

To learn more about Maddox, visit HIS WEBSITEHIS YOUTUBE PAGEor HIS PODCAST.