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Sell Your Animated TV Series!

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Think you’ve come up with the next great animated comedy series for kids? Think your outrageous adult-cartoon concept is ready for Prime-Time? This “Secret Tips” workshop will teach you how to fully develop your concept into a sellable pitch for producers, studios and networks. You’ll learn how to craft a winning hero character, how to instill comedy into your pitch materials and how to write episode springboards that show off your hero’s lovable, cartoony foibles.

In addition, you’ll get insights into the animation production process, what the industry is looking for now and how “not to blow” your first big pitch meeting.

During this “Secret Tips” Workshop You’ll Learn:

  • How To Develop A “Character-Based” Show
  • The Elements of an Animated TV Series Pitch Bible
  • How To Write Great Springboards
  • How To Write Great Loglines
  • How To Break Into Animation & Land A Pitch

***If you have a concept in progress, please bring it to the Secret Tips Workshop. Our instructor will do her best to accommodate all comers with brief critiques.***

Who Should Attend: Writers, Directors, Producers, Animators, Artists, Voice-Over Actors, Actors, and anyone interested in working in the animation industry.

Requirements: Notebook and pen. (There will be in-class writing assignments.)

By the end of this Workshop, You will know:

  1. How to create an animated show in a sellable format
  2. How to develop a strong hero character
  3. How to get a pitch meeting

About the Instructor:

Rita Street is an Executive Producer and Development Consultant for the kids’ cartoon industry. Over the last decade she has landed more than 1,200 pitch meetings with network and indie development execs. Of those 1,200 pitches she’s sold a record 16 shows into development deals and four of those properties have been green-lit into production. Her adventures in pitching are recounted in her new e-book release: “A Cartoon Girl’s Secret Guide to Developing Kids’ Comedy Series That Sell!” (available for Free download at www.radarcartoons.com). Rita’s executive producer credits include: “Hero: 108” on Cartoon Network for client Gamania Digital Entertainment; “Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” an international co-pro which aired on The Hub for client Anima Estudios: and “Ruby Gloom” for Mighty Fine, Nelvana and YTV. In 2015 Rita worked as Creative Producer on the upcoming Flying Bark series “Blinky Bill,” as a development researcher for a major network and a development consultant for a major toy firm. She enters 2016 with two series in development with majors and one feature film. Currently Rita is also writing scripts for several shows in development. Before opening Radar, Rita worked as a publisher, editor and journalist focusing on the industry of animation. She has served as the publisher of Animation Magazine, the editor of Film & Video Magazine and has also authored several books on graphic arts including the Rockport Publisher hardback, Computer Animation: A Whole New World. Rita is the founder of the international non-profit organization, Women In Animation and serves as a WIA mentor for your artists and professionals.