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Manage Your Production!

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You have the great idea, script, actors – now it’s time to actually make it. But to be a successful producer, you need to know how to manage your production and how it is performing with respect to budgeting, scheduling and cash flow. Beginners in this process usually use a spreadsheet software of some kind, along with some word documents, contracts, calculators, etc… but they are limiting, confusing, and can add time and money to the project. Award-winning New Zealand producer Bailey Mackey goes through his experiences in managing his productions and why he created KAHA – a production management tool to streamline the clutter of production.

Manage Your Production is a workshop that goes through the process of understanding, planning and making a production, with a focus on using specific production tools, like KAHA, in order to streamline the process.

**Attendees of this workshop will get a free month of the production software KAHA to use for their next production.**

Who should attend:  Producers, and anyone wanting to know about managing a production and tools that can make it easier.

Requirements: Something for notes, and a computer so you can trial the software.

By the end of this Workshop, you will know:

  1. Production management tips that will help you create and manage your production.
  2. Why it is important to understand budgets, schedules and cashflows in real-time.
  3. About a new production management software that is providing real time critical information to producers

About the Instructor:

Bailey Mackey has an entrepreneurial spirit and enormous passion for life. He is an experienced NZ producer and presenter, having enjoyed award winning productions in both roles.

After the sale of his company Black Inc. Media in 2008 to Eyeworks, and time as company director alongside Julie Christie, Bailey co-established Pango Productions which makes shows including Marae and satirical semi-topical news programme Brown Eye. Its cooking series The Game Chef has been sold to the National Geographic channel and Sidewalk Karaoke has charmed audiences on Maori TV and is set to hit more than 30 international markets.

KAHA Software

KAHA is a production management tool, built by producers for producers, to save you time and money.

It’s a smart cloud software package that integrates your budget, production schedule, cashflow and staffing.

KAHA enables you to manage your production from a single integrated point, no matter the size or budget.