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What are The Industry Workshops?

The Industry Workshops are a series of application oriented workshops taught by entertainment industry professionals. They are designed to give you the skills you need to make your next project.

When are they?

Saturday mornings, 3 hours long - usually 9am to Noon or 10am to 1pm. Check workshop description for details.

Where are they held?

CBS Radford Studios. We move rooms on the lot depending on availability, but a map of the specific building the workshop is in will be emailed to attendees the night before the workshop.


You'll be instructed where to park by the gate attendant. Generally, parking is either in the parking garage or spaces around the lot. (Most reserved spaces are M-F only, unless it says Reserved 24/7)

How much are they?

$40. Please sign up online because that also generates a studio drive-on pass.

What is the dress code?


Is there craft service?

Stay hydrated and caffeinated! Water and coffee are at every workshop.

Is there WiFi access?

There is no public WiFi access. Please plan accordingly.

Can I record video or audio of the workshop?

No. For some of our workshops, we offer a video option for separate purchase ($40). You are encouraged to take notes at each workshop though.

What is the online video option?

For select workshops, we offer an online option ($40). It's not live streaming, but a private link of the recorded workshop is emailed to you by 5pm Sunday, following the workshop. The link is active for 7 days.

We strongly encourage in-person attendance for networking purposes!

Who teaches the workshops?

Each workshop is taught by a professional in that particular field. We only hire teachers that are practicing the craft they teach.

Can I volunteer or help in anyway?

Yes! Email jon@theindustryworkshops.com and let us know how you'd like to help out, or we'll let you know what we need help with!